Installing a Drip Irrigation System

(Step by Step instructions)

Before you start your Drip Irrigation System installation be sure to take readings from your garden spigot to test PSI and GPM.

Although this is a low pressure system see our sprinkler design page for general information. With average water pressure and Gpm you'll be able to use up to 5 manifolds in one zone (3 are included in the Drip Irrigation Kit).

Tools Required

  • Utility Knife
  • 5/16" box wrench or Flat Headed Screw Driver
  • Spade or Flat Shovel
  • Teflon Plumbers Tape

Familiarize yourself with the Drip Irrigation Kit

Before installation layout the Lawn Belt in the sun - by the time you get to the next step it will be more pliable and easier to work with.

In the meantime check contents of your kit:

  • 50 feet of Lawn Belt
  • 2 Full U-Fittings w/ auto drain
  • 1 End U-Fitting w/ auto drain
  • 6 collar kits (clamp and belt collar)
  • 1 converter fitting
  • 1 90 deg elbow with crush-resistant brass fittings
  • 1 small clamp for elbow
  • 3 foot garden hose (connects Lawn Belt to spigot)
  • 3 Quad Manifolds (4 outlets each head)
  • 3 Flex Risers
  • 100 feet 1/4" tubing (approx 10 feet per outlet)
  • Includes (12) 2 gallon drippers

Assembling the Drip Irrigation System

Please refer to Lawn Belt Kit installation for underground conduit details. Decide the location where you want the 3 manifolds (central drip locations).

Installing the Collar Halves

Place the two collar halves on each side of the Lawn Belt. The tops of the collar halves are marked "UP"

Cutting Lawn Belt

With the Lawn Belt stretched out beside your string, cut each section of the belt to match your string lengths. Use a utility knife (pvc cutters work great too) and verify hose length before cutting. Then attach fittings, collars and clamps.

Connecting Lawn Belt to "U" and End Fittings

Tightly screw on each drain to the "U" and End Fittings.

To ensure a tight fit wrap all fittings with teflon plumbing tape.

Place clamp over the ends of Lawn Belt. Then connect Lawn Belt hose to these fittings. Make sure Lawn Belt sits square against each fitting (push it on all the way past the barbs to the end!)

Then install Collar Halves (see above)

Center Belt ring over the barb rib for best seal. (about 1/8" away from end of fitting). With a flat head 5/16" box wrench or screwdriver tighten clamps until snug - do not over-tighten.

Next attach drip irrigation manifolds. Attach end of Belt to a short garden hose then to your spigot. Turn on system to check for any leaks. Leave system assembled to prevent dirt from getting into the line.

Put the system in the ground

Starting at the spigot and using your string as a guide, cut a 3"-4" deep into the sod using a flat spade (can be purchase at any garden tools store). Rock the spade back and forth to create a V-shaped opening in the earth. Press the assembled Lawn Belt into slit as you go.

Make sure to install vertically in the ground - pointed end first. Top flange sits just below surface of the soil.

At each sprinkler head locations dig a deeper and wider V-shaped opening 9-10" down.

For better drainage place a couple of handfuls of pea gravel under sprinkler drain before pressing U drain fitting into slit. Make sure sprinkler heads are flush with ground surface. Once the drp system is in place close the seam over Lawn Belt by firmly stepping on the sod to seal it's path.

Attach a stake or low pressure sprinkler head (optional)

You can adjust water pressure to drip irrigation manifold by turning regulator valve . You can also water your planting areas with a low pressure sprinkler head (see example lower right) or attach a drip stake to the dripper to secure/raise the tubing near the plant.

Attach an automatic timer (optional)

Now that you have installed a drip irrigation system you may want to water your garden automatically. We have several battery operated timers that attach directly to a spigot available in our part store..

Water in early AM before work and try to minimize runoff. Visit your local do it yourself home improvement store for these handy timers.

Enjoy years of trouble free drip irrigation!

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Install flex riser to U fitting (wrap with Teflon Tape)

Attach Drip Irrigation Manifold to Flex Riser

Remove end caps of drip irrigation port.

Cut tubing to desired length and attach to port.

Adjust water pressure to drip irrigation manifold by turning regulator valve

View of manifold against a garden bed. In this example it is located at the end of a sprinkler zone with 2 rotors.

--Distributing water where you need it using low pressure sprinkler head

Adjust spray and angle as needed. Attach sprinkler/drip system to timers as needed.