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Lawnbelt is easier, faster, cheaper than any other in-ground sprinkler system.



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"I was quoted at least $5,000 to install a system. Then, I discovered Lawnbelt! I immediately ordered five custom systems with Orbit rotors to do my large lawn"

Wayne Triplett, North Carolina

"Lawnbelt is really amazing. I use a liquid fertilize my lawn with Lawnbelt too. I've attached a simple backflow valve and a bottle (about $8) directly to my outdoor faucet and voila, I've got a beautiful lawn, thanks to Lawnbelt…."

Mark T., Tacoma, WA

DIY'er - you are the sprinkler installer with Lawnbelt » Read more reviews

Tired of watering the lawn and garden by hand? Now you can install your own, automated sprinkler system in one day, without digging up the entire yard.

With Lawn Belt, you can do it yourself. Really!

You don’t have to pay thousands for a landscape contractor to install a sprinkler system. And you don’t have to rent a trenching machine to get that lush green lawn you’ve always wanted.

The patented Lawn Belt system makes it easy to design, buy and install your own system for the entire yard and garden. Everything you need is right here.

Here’s the difference between Lawn Belt and traditional, in-ground sprinkler systems:

assembling a PVC underground system.

Traditional PVC pipe is rigid, difficult to work with, and prone to breaking in the winter. Plus, you have to dig it in 18 inches. Sprinkler repair costs are also exorbitant with PVC.

do-it-yourself-irrigation system alternative

Flexible, diamond-shaped “belt” (or conduit) is easy to work with, and withstands even the most extreme winter freezing. Just cut a line in the turf, and step it in.

Design and install your own diy watering system with inground sprinklersInstalling a PVC system is a huge pain. You have to rent a big, noisy trenching machine and figure out complex piping, back-flow devices, valves and electronics.

A Lawn Belt Sprinkler System is easy. Everything you need is included in a kit weighing less than ten pounds.

If you can handle a 5/16" box wrench and a shovel, you can handle this do-it-yourself sprinkler system. If you have questions we have irrigation system experts standing by to walk you through each step of the project.

Lawn Belt introduces a new, EASIER way to water your lawn or garden.

The only thing worse than moving sprinklers around is the thought of paying for a professionally installed, built-in sprinkler system.

Now there’s a realistic, do-it-yourself alternative that is one-tenth the cost.

Lawn Belt saves you time and money, and produces the lush, green lawn that’ll make your neighbors jealous.

inground pvc irrigation system with sprinkler shown

diy sprinklers installed underground with self-draining sprinkler and U fitting

Lawn Belt installs just under the turf, with just a flat bed shovel.

Traditional PVC systems require trenching at least 18 inches deep.

The patented, diamond shaped water conduit is engineered to install easily, just under the surface of the turf. Simply cut a line with your flat shovel – it doesn’t even have to be straight – and step the Lawn Belt into place.

You only have to dig a small hole where each sprinkler head will be located. Compare that to the excavation required to install a PVC system.

Everything you need to put together a worry-free sprinkler system for any yard or garden.

Diamond shape sprinkler conduit with U fitting

Two key parts of every Lawn Belt Kit:  Flexible, diamond-shaped hose and the U-Fitting that supports a variety of sprinkler heads.

Need to cover every square foot of your big, back yard? We have kits that fit. Want to add a sprinkler system to a narrow, side lawn? No problem.

Concerned about keeping your flowers alive while you're away on vacation? Choose the Lawn Belt drip kit with an auto timer.

You can customize any Lawn Belt sprinkler system, upgrade the sprinkler heads, or buy spare parts.

Section of the lawn belt sprinkler system
Most kits ship with 3 heads (with the exception of Garden Border Kit which has 4)
Get started with our easy, fast and inexpensive underground sprinkler system

See how easy it is to set-up your Lawn Belt Sprinkler System.

There are five simple steps to buying and installing your sprinkler system. You can do it all in one, relaxed weekend.

1. Measure your lawn.
2. Test your faucet.
3. Draw your system.
4. Select the right Lawn Belt kit.
5. Install, without digging up the yard.

Click here for more details on each step.

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