This is my second kit. I bought one last year and installed it in my backyard to cover the “Visible Side” of the yard, from the house. The thing works so well that my wife told me to purchase a second kit to cover the other half of the yard. We’ve not had any leaks in it either. As well, I’m one of those guys that normally will do a job that should take an hour, but it takes me 4 hours, because I read the directions over well and want it to be perfect. But when I installed the first kit it literally only took me about 2 ½ hours, minus the trip to Home Depot for the pebble rock that I put below each head.

M. Brittain

Hi. I ordered in mid-May and installed the system in July. Works great. Very satisfied. Thanks.

K. Harvey

I have to tell you that I've owned my Lawn Belt for over 3 years and I live in the Chicago area and I absolutely love it. I tell everyone I know what a great product you have. I haven't had anything go bad with the your products that weren't self inflicted. Keep up the good work and make sure you charge enough to stay in business!!!!

Peter Babich

I bought Lawn Belt last year and installed 4 zones in my back yard. I am very pleased with the out come. I probably have about two days in the installation. I had to go back and redo some of my work as I wasn’t getting sufficient distance or volume from the heads. This was apparently caused by a new water spigot that I had installed after I had taken my readings from the old spigot. The new one had an anti siphon valve built into it.

I had assumed that I would get the same pressure and GPM with the new spigot that I had with the old but that wasn’t the case. This of course was not Lawn Belt’s fault, but rather mine for assuming and not checking the new spigot before I started installation. Lesson learned.

The Lawn Belt is working as it is supposed to work and I plan on installing it in my front yard this year. This will be 4 more zones.

I have found technical support (Eric) very helpful and most willing to help solve problems.

Bill Lea
Springfield, MO

My thanks to you for working for me on this, I appreciate it; and my thanks to Larry when you next talk to him. Ya'll have been good folks to work with, and I really like your innovative product.


Before I knew what Lawn Belt was, I was researching best practices for installing a typical PVC irrigation system capable of accommodating 10 zones. I was going to do the install myself because I was not about to pay someone $5,000 to do it for me ($4000 of that was labor).

Since I already had a established lawn, I would have to go rent a Sod Cutter first, then a Trencher and a water Roller, not to mention wait for permits, inspections, & utility companies to come out to mark their pipe and cable locations.

I was about ready to pull the trigger on this project, but then I found Lawn Belt. I could get the best of both worlds, a invisible, fully automatic, highly customized multiple zone install using irrigation valves without the hassles of renting all of that equipment, permits, trenching...ect.

I am very pleased with this system and would recommend it to anyone. This system allows you to make your irrigation system as simple or as complex as you please, making it a perfect DIY project for virtually everyone.

Chicago, IL

I installed 2 Lawn Belt System 2 years ago just to see if they would survive our cold climate. I have had no problems do to freezing or cracking. I now plan to complete the rest of my yard with Lawn Belt Sprinkler Systems and the Garden Boarder Kits for my flower beds. Thanks for a easy to use system that anyone can install in a short period of time.

Tom Jacobs

I have had great results with the Lawn Belt product and am extremely happy with it. I've had Lawn Belt it my front yard for 6 years now. My back yard is still using a PVC system which is failing now due to my cold climate so next season I will be replacing it with Lawn Belt (best if all I'll simply just leave the old system it in the ground and install Lawbelt right over it!). In addition I should mention that I haven't had any problems with frost heaving and have never had to replace any parts. In the fall I just disconnect the short garden hose and plug the hole where the system begins. Couldn't be any easier, thanks to Lawn Belt.

Simon Miller
Bend, Or

I can't tell you enough how great your product works. I installed 6 zones and over 350 feet of belt. The installation was a snap. I have a lot roots in my yard so digging a deep trench would have been next to in possible. Since your product only has to be buried 2 - 4 inches deep it saved me hours of work. The pop-up rotors also work great. I am getting about 28 foot radius with each head. The drip irrigation also works great and doesn't leak. Unlike other drip irrigation systems that really on barbs and compression fittings. Before I purchase your product I got an estimate for and irrigation system. It was over $8000 dollars. I have save thousands of dollars doing it my self and don't have to spend $80 to winterize the system each year. Again you have a great product. There is nothing better in the world then not having to water your lawn and flowers by hand after a long day at work.

Gregory Frase

I think you sell a very unique product and I tell my friends about it. It is especially noteworthy here where the soil is 99 % sand and there are sooo many lawn irrigation contractors ready to sell a $10000 product when I did mine for $900 with your products!

Bill Wadsworth

Lawn belt system is still going strong after 2 years! My Uncle likes it so much, he took out his dog pen area, and increased the size of his back yard.

These parts will be used to put in another zone, and since the pressure is so good, we are going to use 4 heads. We still have extra lawn belt from the original installation, and an extra set of the fixed circle sprays

He did puncture one belt, and the coupler kits will help to fix that thanks again for your great product--I am currently checking out that drip irrigation system you have---to install around our pool planting beds.

thanks again

J Peters
Carver, Ma

I installed two zones of your Lawn Belt . I just order two more! It was easier then I anticipated (about 2 hours per zone) . I saved $$$$ hundreds of dollars doing it myself and have a sprinkler system that's just as effective as the professionally installed systems. Best yet ! This winter I will have no maintenance worries. I couldn't be happier.

Thank you,
Portage, Michigan

I am happy to inform you of our total satisfaction with your product Lawn Belt! Your ad in a gardening supply catalog we received was a "god send." We had a short time (installing).

We previously installed an automatic sprinkler system. The cost was exorbitant. My husband installed your Lawn Belt in a couple short hours! It functions perfectly! The Lawn Belt is going to be a perfect solution for so many, many people...Easy to install, trouble free and inexpensive!

Darleen Johnson
Othello, Washington

I have both Lawn Belt Hidden Hose and Lawn Belt Home Sprinkler in my yard and I just love them. Its true that immediately after installation they were invisible. I couldn't even tell me yard was touched in any way! The Home Sprinkler is in my front yard. All I have to do is turn on my spigot and water my whole yard. And it's wonderful to have a water spigot right at the garden. I don't have to connect several hoses together and have them lying around anymore. Thanks for finally coming out with an affordable system!

Ms. Terry Galvin
Fairview, Pennsylvania

Having an irregular size lot made watering the lawn and shrubs very difficult. Repetitive moving of hoses was a regular occurrence. After the easy installation of my Lawn Belt system, my water usage has dropped and the results are quite evident...makes this system too good to be true!

R. Warnstedt
Palatine, Illinois

We purchased the Lawn Belt to irrigate a large garden at the back of our yard. Our project took 150 ft. of belt and five sprinkler heads...we are very pleased with the end result! We would no hesitate to purchase this item again if we decide to irrigate other areas.

N. Brunetz
Mentor, Ohio

The Lawn Belt irrigation system is easy to install and operates effectively as described in the brochures.

John Carr
Somerville, Texas

I started with one Lawn Belt system. Living in a rocky area, the system fit my needs. Therefore, I purchased three more systems.

Francis Barnett
Roanoke, Virginia

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