Lawn Belt is easier, faster, cheaper than any other in-ground sprinkler system.

Big-Lawn Sprinkler Kit

Waters a 40'x60' (or larger)

see also Water Saver Kit ($189.95)

Orbit Rotors and Lawnbelt
Rotor heads allow you to water large lawns with less conduit.

MP Rotator heads allow you to water large lawns with less water.

The Big-Lawn Kit installs in just a few hours and includes our rotor head which spray a 40 foot diameter. Connect a battery timer and water lawn automatically! The Lawn Belt Sprinkler System will revitalize your lawn - soon you'll have the greenest lawn on the block.

  • 50 feet of Lawn Belt
  • 2 Full U-Fittings
  • 1 End U-Fitting
  • 6 collar kits
  • 1 converter fitting
  • 1 90 degree elbow
  • 1 small elbow clamp
  • Female brass fitting
  • 3 foot garden hose
  • 1 roll Teflon tape

Big-Lawn Kit includes 3 Rotor Heads ... or optionally order our Water Saver Kit and maximize your coverage even more.

Lawnbelt sprinkler parts
These parts are common to all kits.

Double-up for even larger lawns

Extra large lawns may require more than one kit. A kit can be thought of as a sprinkler zone. Each zone needs to be watered separately. For every 3 heads required you will need one kit. You can also extend your zone up to 150' with adequate pressure.

You can attaching multiple kits using either a 2 port Y fitting or a 4 port manifold. We also have sprinkler timers which can water up to 4 kits all at different times. 

Measuring Instructions
Quick overview on Lawn Belt
Our new Water Saver Kit

Water Saving Sprinkler New Kit For Any Small Or Large Lawn

Save water and maximize your coverage using the Custom Water Saver Kit. This kit allows you to choose different heads and customize your own system.

Small-Lawn Sprinkler Kit

For lawn areas smaller than 15'x50'


Small Lawn Kit with sprayer heads
Sprayer heads water 360 degree sprays for smaller lawns.

The Small-Lawn Kit contains 3 standard popup sprayers which are non-adjustable 360 degree patterns.

The heads spray 8-10 feet out (16-20' in diameter) When 3 of these sprays are spaced out in a row, a watering area of approximately 16'x50' can be achieved.

Kit Includes:

Includes same as our Big-Lawn Kit (above) except with 3 fixed sprayer heads. (adds $10)

Lawn-Strip Sprinkler Kit

For lawn areas 5'x60' long


Lawn-Strip kit for side yard and narrow lawn areas
Narrow grass areas and side yards can be watered using the SIde-Strip heads.

The Lawn-Strip Kit waters a long rectangular grass area. This kit a perfect solution for side yards or long boulevards in front of side walk areas.

The head spray 5 feet out and 12 feet to each side to create a pattern measuring 5'x24' When 3 of these sprays are lined up a 5'x60' strip can be watered.

Kit Includes:

Includes same as our Big-Lawn Kit (shown above) except with 3 side strip heads.

Customize Your Lawn Belt Sprinkler System!

Add a timer, extend your kit or customize your kit.

Automate w/
Sprinkler Timers

Extend w/
Lawn Belt Conduit

Choose a Custom Kit or browse other Sprinkler Kits.

Lawn Belt Kits

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"I can say without any hesitation that Lawn belt works just as well as any other commercial irrigation system."

danny-lipfordBloomin Newman, TV Show Host

"I think you sell a very unique product and I tell my friends about it. ... there are sooo many lawn irrigation contractors ready to sell a $10000 product when I did mine for $900 with your products!"

Bill Wadsworth

"The real beauty of Lawn Belt is how easy is it to install ... you can hook it a timer so you basically have the same advantage as a professionally installed system."

danny-lipfordDanny Lipford, TV Host of Today's Improvement

"When I found Lawn Belt I could get the best of both worlds, a invisible, fully automatic, highly customized multiple zone install using irrigation valves without the hassles of renting all of that equipment, permits, trenching...ect."

George - Chicago, IL