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PDF brochure

We can send you a PDF brochure that you can print and read at your leisure. Please use this form and we'll send you more info - additional info will arrive by email in just a few minutes!

New Sprinkler Fitting

This last fall we re-engineered our CAD drawings and have made the End and U fittings even thicker and more rigid than before. The threading has also been improved and re-gauged. See this new video about the U fitting which explains the upgrade.

Doesn't water your lawn but....

We have added a neat little product called the Sprinkler Key Hider. It doesn't water your lawn but is made to look exactly like it a regular sprinkler head. The Sprinkler Key Hider allows you to hide your spare house keys directly inside this water tight replica lawn sprinkler. Simply place your keys into it, then just push it into the dirt around shrubs or walkways and your done!

More about our Coupler Kit

Joining Lawn Belt together can be easily achieved using our Coupler Kit which includes two collar kits and the Coupler itself.

Simply slide the two Collar Kits on to one side of the Lawn Belt, then insert the Coupler to join each side of Lawn Belt together (making sure the diamond shape matches). Lastly, slide the Collar Kit to the opposite side and tighten them.

Repairing Lawn Belt can also be accomplished using the same method. See our repair kit for more.

Designing a system for large areas

For larger lawns (1/4 acres or more) we suggest multiple spigots be located throughout your yard. This will not only increase overall performance of the zones, but will significantly cut cost and overall length of each sprinkler zone.

We recommend approximately 2-3 spigot locations per 1/4 acre parcel as a rule. See this 100 × 100 foot example design and layout.

Adjusting Sprinkler Heads

Wondering how to properly adjust your sprinkler heads? There are two types of heads we carry at Lawn BeltUSA - the Rotor and the Pop-Up head.

The rotor head can be adjusted in both distance and in angle. The pop-up heads spray a fixed pattern, such as 1/4, 1/2 and full sprays and can be adjusted in distance by turning the screw located on the top with the exception of our Soft Top Orbit. >Read more about how to adjust sprinkler heads

Lawn Sprinkler and Drip Combo Tip

With adequate water pressure a drip line can be easily installed at the End Fitting of your lawn sprinkler zone. For example it's possible to have 2 sprinkler heads in beginning of the zone then add a Drip Manifold at the end of the zone.

The manifold also has a pressure regulator that can be adjusted to equalize the water pressure between the drip line and sprinkler heads.

Sod Installation and Lawn Belt

A question often asked is, should I install my sod before installing Lawn Belt? If you want to save some time it's actually best to first install Lawn Belt then lay your sod over

First assemble the sprinkler system all the way with the sprinkler heads as well. Then bury your U fittings so the sprinkler heads sit even with the sod line.

Make your house sell with an in-ground system

Did you know an inground sprinkler system is great selling feature when it comes time to selling your home? Since Lawn Belt is a DIY System you'll be able to do all the work yourself and save yourself a ton of money.

A sprinkler system not only adds value to your home but can create instant curb appeal, which will only result in selling your house faster. Having a well established garden looking green and lush can also give your prospective buyers a great first impression.

The right tools will make installation easy

Your sprinkler installation will require just a few tools. But making sure you have the right ones for the job will make a huge difference. Here are a few sprinkler installation tips:

First make sure you choose a good quality flat spade with the top of it wide enough to accommodate for your foot in order to help push the shovel through your sod.

Another important tool to have is a PVC cutter. This will not only speed up your sprinkler installation but will give you a nice square cut. This will help make a better connections and tighter seals at your U fittings.

Lastly a small 5/16" socket wrench will make tightening the clamps much easier than a flat head screwdriver. A socket wrench will also allow you make quick adjustments once Lawn Belt is in the ground.

How wide is the U fitting?

The U fitting (where the sprinkler head attaches to Lawn Belt) will take any 1/2" npt head. The distance between the U fitting is 1 -3/4" wide - where your head screws down between) Just dbl check these dimensions so your head will fit into U fitting ok.

At each sprinkler head location you dig a a little deeper and wider V-shaped opening 9-10" down depending on the height of you head to accommodate the U or End Fittings.

Achieving broader coverage is easy.

If you need to water a large lawn area you may want to consider using Rotor Heads in addition to our Custom Sprinkler Kit. Rotors are gear driven heads which throw a shield of water an average of 20 feet out.

Our Orbit Rotors we offer are also an excellent choice because they have nozzle inserts to adjust to low psi and gpm levels. Simple instructions are included to swap the colored inserts.

In Line Drip Irrigation

When watering a planting area or even a vegetable garden you may want to consider using in-line drip tubing along with our Drip System Kit. Drip Irrigation allows you to efficiently water the roots slowly without flooding them and also conserves water at the same time.

Sprinkler Winterization

Lawn Belt has been tested to survive extreme weather conditions, so there is no need to drain when winter approaches. To winterize the sprinkler system, simply disconnect the hidden hose or sprinkler system from the spigot. Then cap or plug your inlet to keep out any debris.

Drip Emitter Tips

Drip Emitters are a great choice for watering trees and large shrubs. Tip: when placing drip emitters, do not locate near trunk of tree but rather out near edge of where tree foliage stops (this where the heart of the root system lies)

New product EasySlide

We have added a new product to our sprinkler line called EasySlide . This new and innovative hose connector also allows you to switch sprinkler zones quickly and effortlessly.

Even for those with Arthritis, this innovation can also make attaching hoses very easy as it just slides on and seals the hose to the spigot in just seconds.

Adding to a sprinkler zone

You can always add additional watering zones using our 4 way distributor. Optionally you can use our EasySlide connectors for simple and fast swapping of zones at either a single spigot or Y adapter valve.

Make sure to design each Lawn Belt zone so that it has 3 heads or less. If watering large areas use our Rotor heads which provide the best coverage for large lawns.

Hooking Lawn Belt into a PVC System

Lawn Belt can be easily attached to an existing PVC landscaping system using our converter kit. Slide the converter kit fits into one end of Lawn Belt. At the opposite end provide a 1/2 barbed Poly Male Insert fitting.

Once the insert fitting is clamped and sealed you can then convert it into 3/4" - 1" PVC which can then be glued into your existing PVC system.

Designing Lawn Belt for Aeration

If you plan on aerating or thatching your lawn with a heavy machine you will need to consider a couple of sprinkler design options. You can either go deeper with Lawn Belt or install the system at the edging outside the perimeter of the lawn.

When you install Lawn Belt deeper than 2-3 inches you will need to provide a PVC Extension with a 1/2" male and female threading. This is done to raise the sprinkler head to its proper level from the U-Fitting, so that nozzle is flush with the sod line.

Best time to install?

One of the many advantages of Lawn Belt is the minimal damage incurred to your lawn during and after installation. So long as the ground is soft enough to work in (not frozen) there really is no disadvantage to installing it off-season.

Many have installed our sprinkler system in the dead of winter only to be rewarded in the spring with a healthier and lush lawn in the spring.

About Backflow Prevention

When installing an in ground sprinkler system you need to be aware that some cities may require a backflow prevention assembly (also referred to as a BPD). Backflow may occur when the water flows in a reverse direction. This is when different pressures exist between two different points within a sprinkler system.

When running the irrigation line directly off the hose bib, then you will most likely need ad BPD (backflow prevention device). It's always best to check with what your local requirements are when designing and installing your sprinkler system.

Rain Sensors make good sense

We provide a timer which accepts a rain sensor attachment. Although a bit more expensive than our Orbit timer, it may save you water and money in the long run. When the rain sensor" cup fills to a certain height, the system is shut down automatically.

If you live in area that receives occasional rain, a rain sensor makes perfect sense because it conserves your water for you without thinking about it.

Our sprinkler calculator

Our sprinkler calculator provides you with a quick way to check if you PSI and GPM readings are adequate for Lawn Belt. A GPM test is recommended and will take you about 2 minutes to perform. It is also a good idea to call to your water company to find your PSI as well. We also have PSI gauges available in our store to provide you with a more accurate reading.

I need a T fitting!

Since Lawn Belt is an inline system, branching the system in different directions using a T fitting is not recommended. A T connection should be your last resort when designing your sprinkler system.

Because Lawn Belt can weave around obstacles using wide turns, you can almost always avoid using a T connection.

But if you absolutely need to create a "T" you can do so - You will need a 1/2" Barbed T fitting - like this one at Amazon - plus you'll need 3 Lawn Belt converter kits for each end of the T and 3 collar kits as well.

Also in addition your Psi must be adequate when using a T connection and is suggested that your PSI reading be 70 or above.

I've run out of Lawn Belt now what?

If your sprinkler zone is longer that 50 feet you can extend it out further using our Coupler Kit. A Coupler Kit will allow you to seam 2 pieces of Lawn Belt together. In addition 2 couplers kit and a small piece of our conduit can also repair the Lawn Belt if it gets damaged.

Adding a sprinkler zone

We recommend no more that 3 heads per sprinkler zone, At the same time you can always add more Lawn Belt kits using a 4 way water distributor.

By attaching the distributor to your spigot you can add up to 4 distinct sprinkler zones, each watering 3 separate heads. See our sprinkler store for more.

Sprinkler overspray & design tip

When designing a sprinkler system, you'll want to overlap your spray patterns to avoid any under watering. If over-sprays are not considered during the layout process, then dry spots will eventually turn to brown patches all over your lawn!

As a general rule, overlap your spray patterns about 30% or close to about a 1/3rd of the circle. See our sprinkler system design page for more.

What's so bad about a PVC System?

Nothing at all. PVC is great for many kinds of sprinkler installations. Lawn Belt is simply easier to install and maintain. Because of its flexibility, Lawn Belt can take extreme temperatures and survives even the harshest winters.

Lawn Belt is more like a garden hose than a PVC pipe. It is also made from polyethylene plastic and resin and is diamond in shape. The oval opening which the water flows thru is equal to about 5/8" diameter.

You can save water...

Inground sprinkler systems really do save water. You can easily schedule early morning watering using our battery operated timers

The beauty of Lawn Belt is that there are no complicated zones to figure out and programming our sprinkler timers just takes a few minutes. The small batteries inside the timer and will also last you a full season.

Seed and reseed in the Fall

Did you know that Fall is a great time to seed a new lawn or reseed an existing areas. The best time to reseed / plant a lawn is during the months of September though November. This is the time when weeds are in their lowest growth cycle.

Seeding before winter will allow your lawns root system to develop over the winter in preparation for next summer.

Made of polyethylene?

Lawn Belt is made from a combination of both polyethylene and plastic resins. It's an extremely durable yet flexible conduit.

If the sprinkler system is accidentally punctured it can be repaired easily. Simply locate the leak and install a coupler kit within a few minutes.

A big advantage having our in-ground sprinkler system is ... that it sits just inches below the grade. A surface level system like Lawn Belt allows you to find and repair leaks very easily.