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      Gear Drive Pop Up – Sprays up to 25 Ft Radius. Adjustable Full or Part Circle and Fully Compatible with Lawn Belt! See Big-Lawn sprinkler option for a complete kit including the rotors.

      If you have above PSI or GPM levels you can add 3 heads.

      If your first sprinkler heads is within 3-5 feet of your faucet then the 50 ft of conduit included will be enough, otherwise make sure you add an additional 25 feet of Lawn Belt for typical installation. This is due to wider spray distances (head are spaced approx. 25 feet apart) for a total of 75 feet of Lawn Belt required.

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    Sprinkler head Features:

    Height: 10″ overall height (6″ body, 4″ pop-up)
    40 deg to 360 deg adjustable arc.
    Fast, hassle-free adjustment.
    15 feet to 25 feet adjustable radius. (average 40-45 foot circles)
    Proven gear drive provides superior reliability.
    Extra-large filter screen traps debris to prevent clogging.
    Consistency of rotation regardless of nozzle size or pressure.
    Solid riser seal conserves water by stopping excess flow.
    Adjusts easily with regular screwdriver
    Flow Range: 0.8 – 3.0 GPM at 40 PSI
    5 interchangeable nozzles included

    If you have low PSI or GPM levels we recommend using only 2 heads and then purchasing our Custom Kit. (You’ll end up with one extra U fitting as a spare leftover part)

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