Measuring your lawn for a sprinkler system

Measuring your lawn is very easy, but before you start to measure your lawn you'll want to print out our grid sheets and then take them into the yard with you with a tape measure.

Sprinkler Design You'll notice that on the grid sheets there's a ledger on the top and left side which will help you draw the lawn shape proportionately. You don't need to be super precise here but try to measure it within 5 feet or so of accuracy.

You'll also want to include any obstructions such as driveways and patios in your drawing. Use a tape measure and simply start at one end of your lawn and go to the opposite side.

Then draw a line your grid representing the overall shape. (Please note: 1 square = 2 feet on the grid sheet - if you have a large lawn and need more room feel free to double the scale to 1 square - 4 feet)

When your done defining the perimeter of your lawn mark on the sheet where your outdoor faucet or faucets are. Later this will help you determine the overall length of each zone or Lawn Belt Kit.

What steps to do next?

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