Lawn Sprinkler Kit

Item Number: PN-90001

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This kit allows you to install an affordable in-ground sprinkler system in just a few hours. The Lawnbelt Home Sprinkler System is expandable so you can add more zones if needed using a splitter at your faucet connection.

Easily attach a battery timer to water lawn automatically! Now you can have the greenest lawn on the block with a Lawnbelt Home Sprinkler System.

Lawn Sprinkler Kit includes:

  • 50 feet of Lawn Belt*
  • 3 sprinkler heads (Choose from Rotor, Full Spray and more)
  • 2 Full U-Fittings w/ auto drain
  • 1 End U-Fitting w/ auto drain
  • 6 collar kits (clamp and belt collar)
  • 1 converter fitting
  • 1 90 deg elbow with crush-resistant brass fittings
  • 1 small clamp for elbow
  • 3 foot garden hose (connects Lawn Belt to spigot)
  • 1 roll Teflon tape

Lawn Sprinkler's contents

Installation instructions included

*5 year guarantee included on conduit -
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Customize Your Lawn Belt Sprinkler System!

Add a timer, extend your kit or customize your kit.

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"When I found LawnBelt I could get the best of both worlds, a invisible, fully automatic, highly customized multiple zone install using irrigation valves without the hassles of renting all of that equipment, permits, trenching...ect."

George - Chicago, IL

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