Indoor Watering System by Claber NEW!

Price: $89.95
Item Number: PN-908053


Water your Plants While You're Away!

Water your indoor plants automatically with the Claber Oasis Watering System. Perfect for when your away from the house for extended period of time.

Highlights include

  • Automatically waters up to 20 plants
  • Can water using 4 different time periods
  • Waters your indoor plants up to 40 days!
  • Provides slow drip at regular intervals
  • Perfect for greenhouses too
  • One 9-volt battery last 1 year
  • Easy to install

The Claber Oasis takes over the watering task for your indoor and greenhouse house plants. It is perfect for those who travel or too busy to water for their plants.

The new Claber Oasis watering system can provide water for up to 20 plants for up to 40 days.

Four different water programs can be used for constant and precise dripping for 10, 20, 30, or 40 day periods, while the LED on the front panel indicates operation.

Easy setup

The Claber Oasis requires no electrical or water hook-up. The watering system runs an entire year off one 9-volt battery, and the internal water tank holds up to 6.6 gall

To operate, simply place the Claber Oasis on a table or shelf about 2-1/2 feet above plants. Then connect its water drippers on stakes placed in your plant pots along the 33-foot water circulation tubing.

Includes pump of tubing, spikes and drippers. You supply the water and your ready to go.

Battery not included


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