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Big Lawn with 3 sprinkler heads (orbit rotors)
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Lawn Sprinkler Kit

Whether you have a small lawn, large lawn or even a side area, our Lawn Sprinkler System allows you to water your yard efficiently at a price you can afford.

Each kit includes 3 heads. Kits can also be thought of as separate sprinkler zones. If you need to water large areas you many need to add more zones (kits).

Water Saving Lawn Sprinkler
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Water Saver Kit

If you need to maximize your coverage and save water at the same time, the Water Saver Kit offers multiple ways to water either your lawn or garden areas.

This custom kit allows you add Hunter MP Rotators which offer various spray patterns. This kit allows you to have 3 heads in a single zone but a 4th head could be added by ordering a U Fitting Kit and extra head (with MP spray body).

Water Saving Lawn Sprinkler Kit
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Garden Border Kit

If you need to water row of flowers or shrubs, the Garden Border Kit is a great way to spray a 70 foot long strip.

Because the sprayers are adjusted to 90 degrees this kit allows you to have 4 heads in a single zone.

Like all our kits you can automate the watering cycles using an optional timer.

Water your garden areas with our drip irrigation
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Drip Irrigation Kit

The Lawn Belt Drip System  allows you send water to individual watering ports that accept standard 1/4” tubing.

And just like our sprinkler system it simply connects to your outdoor faucet. Use the 4 way distributor and combine it with other kits too.


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Hidden Hose Kit

Tired of dragging the hose to a remote location In your garden?

The hidden hose kit allows you transport water from one location
to another.

Just connect Lawn Belt to your outdoor faucet. Then run Lawnbelt underground and then attach a regular garden hose at the opposite end.


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Other Products

We also carry accessories for Lawn Belt such as automatic timers and batteries will last an entire season.

Check out our sprinkler heads - all compatible with Lawn Belt plus other related watering tools.

Customize Your Lawn Belt Sprinkler System Too!

Add a timer, extend your kit or customize your kit.

Automate w/
Sprinkler Timers

Or choose from other sprinkler kits we offer.

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Not only do we carry a complete line of
DIY sprinkler kits but we also stock a complete parts area. Here you will find Orbit Sprinklers Rotors (compatible head), Orbit Sprinklers and LawnBelt replacement parts.

We offer you the best in Customer Service and
satisfaction - we want your sprinkler installation to be a success! Please contact us if you have any questions, we are always glad to help.

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"When I found LawnBelt I could get the best of both worlds, a invisible, fully automatic, highly customized multiple zone install using irrigation valves without the hassles of renting all of that equipment, permits, trenching...ect."

George - Chicago, IL

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