Hidden Hose Kit

Price: $107.95
Item Number: PN-90000
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This kit allows you to install an additional water source in you garden in just a few hours. It comes complete with 50 feet of LawnBelt hose. The LawnBelt Hidden Hose System is expandable so you can additional Belt to it if need be. 

Because all LawnBelt systems are fully compatible with each other the Hidden Hose is a great way to water remote areas of your garden by attaching it to either the Lawn Sprinkler or Garden Border system.

Hidden Hose Kit includes:

  • 50 feet of Lawn Belt*
  • 2 collar kits (clamp and belt collar)
  • 2 converter fittings
  • 2 90 deg elbow with crush-resistant brass fittings
  • 2 small clamp for elbow
  • 3 foot garden hose (connects Lawn Belt to spigot)
  • 1 roll Teflon tape

Hidden Hose's contents

Installation instructions included

*5 year guarantee included on conduit -
All other parts guaranteed for 60 days.


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