How to install a sprinkler system for a large lawn

Sprinkler Install With Edger Tool Recently a Lawnbelt customer Wayne Triplett called in from North Carolina to share a few great tips with us. Wayne installed our sprinkler system on a fairly large lot in record time using an edger tool.  Wayne explained the edger left a 1/2" wide strip which after filled in was barely noticeable. 

He also suggested using a small auger to tunnel under sidewalks. Quite ingenious we might add! Thanks Wayne for all the comments and suggestions. We are sure that these tips will help others with larger lawns areas.  To all customers: Keep all the comments coming in - we really like hearing from you.

Here are Waynes comments about Lawnbelt:

Tired of seeing my lush, green lawn wither in the hot sun of August, a professional lawn sprinkler company quoted me at least $5,000 to install a system. Then, I discovered LAWNBELTUSA! I immediately ordered five custom systems with Orbit rotors. Realizing my water system was not high capacity (only 5 gallons per minute), I purchased additional LAWNBELT accessories to complete what is now an eight zone layout on my almost three-quarter acre lot (2 sprinklers per zone…15 sprinklers total). I easily achieve a twenty foot radius coverage from each sprinkler head (40 foot diameter)! In addition, no winterizing is needed.
With a little help from my rented 5.5 HP Easy Edger, I easily cut a one inch wide, four inch deep furrow over seven hundred feet long in less than two hours. Running LAWNBELT under my walkway was simple using an eighteen inch auger inserted into my electric drill. The 2½ inch wide PVC pipe installed under the walk easily accommodates two lawn belts for easy access to my faucet.
Erik, the LAWNBELT associate, offered expert advice on installation and tips to make the job easier. In fact, he has a system himself! Thanks Eric! I highly recommend this unique alternative to the pricey professional install. With timers added, the system is now fully automatic, cost effective ($1,500), and best of all…I did it myself! A great product, value, service, and the greenest lawn in the neighborhood!
Wayne Triplett
Millers Creek, NC

More pictures of Waynes Lawnbelt Project (click to enlarge them):


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"When I found LawnBelt I could get the best of both worlds, a invisible, fully automatic, highly customized multiple zone install using irrigation valves without the hassles of renting all of that equipment, permits, trenching...ect."

George - Chicago, IL

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