Our Lawnbelt Affiliate Program

Hi Gardener!

Are you looking to generate extra income from your website, blog or newsletter? Lawnbelt is such a unique garden product it practically sells itself.

Since 2002 LawnbeltUSA has sold tens of thousands of DIY In-Ground Sprinkler Kits. Our innovative in-ground sprinkler system offers quick 3-4 hour installation and zero maintenance. We also offer a 5 year guarantee on the conduit, practically unheard of in the sprinkler industry.

Our LawnBelt affiliate program will help you generate extra income. Plus joining is absolutely FREE! You will need to just promote small banners or text links on pages within your website or newsletter and start making money every time a link is clicked and the customer buys Lawnbelt within 180 days.

We can't stress this enough …. Lawnbelt is so innovative it practically sells itself! Our affiliates directly benefit from our affiliate program as our site has super high conversion rates. You simply send up the referral and we track the sale and send you a check at the end of each month.

Affiliate Program Overview:

    ▪    A website, blog, newsletter or email account is all you need to start
    ▪    We do all the shipping, handling and customer support if needed
    ▪    Your referral is good for 180 days using cookie tracking
    ▪    We also track referrals with IP addresses in case cookies get cleared
    ▪    Earn a 10% commission on every sale during this period
    ▪    Extremely lucrative - typical commission range $20 - $150 and more
    ▪    Great banners and text links available now
    ▪    Login to view your stats and referrals anytime of the day
    ▪    We offer prompt affiliate assistance to reply your queries.
    ▪    Joining is absolutely FREE so join today!

Click here to join our affiliate program.  You need to simply guide your visitors to our innovative sprinkler system and chances are they will end up buying.  Learn more about our amazing do-it-yourself Sprinkler System at http://www.lawnbeltusa.com

If you have any questions before signing up our affiliate program, please contact us at affiliates@lawnbeltusa.com or call us today between 8am-5pm Mon-Fri Pac Time.

Wishing you success,

Erik Zetterberg
Affiliate Program Manager
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Sprinkler Design Steps testimonials

"When I found LawnBelt I could get the best of both worlds, a invisible, fully automatic, highly customized multiple zone install using irrigation valves without the hassles of renting all of that equipment, permits, trenching...ect."

George - Chicago, IL

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