.5 gallon in-line drippers ( add-on)

Price: $5.95
Item Number: PN-90MLDAAD
These .5 GPH Pressure Compensating Drippers slowly deliver a constant drip of water to your plant's root zone. Use these Drippers with the 1/4" Vinyl. (5 Drippers / 1 Couplers Per Bag and end/termination fitting included)

  • Use the enclosed 1/4" coupler to attach the 1/4" vinyl into your main 1/2" poly tubing … or optionally attach it to existing 1/4" tubing using a Lawnbelt Drip System.
  • Push the red barb of the dripper one end of the 1/4" vinyl then attach to other end of the vinyl onto the black barb and daisy-chain them together.
  • In-line drippers that drip in the center so they can be connected together using 
  • 1/4" vinyl tubing to make up to a 30 foot in-line drip system.
  • Attach them every 12" on a single line of 1/4" vinyl tubing
  • .5 GPH deliver water slowly - perfect for flowering plants, vegetable gardens and potted plants.
  • After the last dripper is installed, put a short 2" piece of vinyl on the black barb end of the dripper and then push in the enclosed goof plug (terminating end) into end the 1/4" line.
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